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5 Straightforward Ways to Add Superior Style to Your Home Decor

5 Straightforward Ways to Add Superior Style to Your Home Decor

Stylish home decor doesn't need to depend on expensive materials or complicated designs. Often, keeping a few simple tips in mind can make a huge difference to your decor's overall effect. This is true no matter which particular look you're aiming to achieve.
Here are five excellent examples of when small, thoughtful changes can bring impressive results.


1) Simple Wall Finishes

For an ultimately stylish look and feel for a room, less is often more. This is particularly true for the finish of your walls. Keep to a light and neutral shade such as cream, beige, or pale yellow rather than getting fancy with patterns and bold color schemes.
This will this make your rooms feel lighter and larger. Just as importantly, it'll also allow your accessories and decorations to make a greater impact against a simpler background.


2) Position Furniture Sociably

It's often said that pushing your furniture back against the walls will make a room feel more spacious. However, you can make a room feel warmer and more sociable by bringing your couch and chairs inward a little, and turning them to slightly face each other rather than the TV.
This style of positioning also adds more angles to your room for greater visual interest, compared to the sterile lines of furniture placed against the walls.


3) The Power of Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way of increasing the spacious feel of a room, but they offer other style possibilities too. If you place your mirrors at right angles to a window or door, the complicated reflection patterns make your room far more engaging to the eye. This will also highlight the effects of subtle color and material variations around the room.


4) Keep a Sense of Scale

Don't let individual items take over a room. For example, you may think hanging a large piece of artwork will make for a dramatic centerpiece and focal point. The chances are, however, such a dominating choice will simply detract from your other decor efforts. With wall decorations especially, it's usually better to impress through variety and interesting placement rather than with size.


5) Careful Lighting for a Stylish Effect

A room's lighting is about far more than simple utility. To see the full decor effect, your lighting should be split into three groups.

First, your main overhead lighting should provide a gentle room-encompassing glow rather than harsh illumination. Next, use individual lamps to brighten gloomy corners, or to brighten up specific areas such as writing desks or coffee tables.

Lastly, use lower-powered decorative lighting to bring out individual features such as artwork or shelving. Incidental lighting can also add another vertical layer to break up a particularly high room or stairway.

A room's look and feel is about much more than the basic decor elements, designs, and materials it uses. Paying attention to the effects of light and space can make an immense difference to the overall style - and it doesn't need to be complicated or expensive to do so.


An Elegant, Contemporary Master Bedroom Using Gray and Silver

An Elegant, Contemporary Master Bedroom Using Gray and Silver

When you enter your master bedroom, you want it to feel inviting and serene while looking gorgeous and chic. So, if you're thinking that your master bedroom needs redecorating, consider trendy new furniture and accent pieces in gray and silver to create an elegant look that you're sure to love.


Bed Choice - To start, in any bedroom, the bed almost always serves as the focal point in the room, so you'll want the perfect design that will reflect a contemporary décor. For a comfortable and stylish choice, opt for an upholstered headboard in a dusty gray. Choose a plush, tufted fabric for a fabulous look. Cover the bed with a medium gray comforter with hand-stitched ribbing and pillow shams to match.

Storage Bench - At the foot of the bed, set an upholstered bench with a tufted gray cushion seat in an opulent design, such as one with a glazed silver-tone finish. Such a gorgeous furniture piece will give you extra sitting space and also an area where you can place clothing when you get undressed at night. You'll love the soft elegance that a bench provides along with its functionality.

Nightstands - You'll also want to add side tables with lamps to your bedroom. On each side of the headboard, opt for high-fashion, two-drawer nightstands. Choose pieces made of sturdy wood with a silver-tone metallic finish. Chrome handles with faux crystals will add a glamorous and upscale look to your room. Also, faux shagreen drawer fronts will provide a richly textured appearance to the furniture. Add coordinating lamps in silver with gray-toned shades.


Cabinetry and Mirror - To finish the decor, select a matching, silver-tone chest with five drawers along with a six-drawer dresser. Above the bureau hang a regal-looking, silver, rectangular mirror with an arch in the center of the top frame. With these glorious-appearing furniture pieces, you'll have plenty of storage in a look that you'll love.

Using a neutral color such as gray in your bedroom doesn't mean you'll need to settle for a dull appearance. Pairing gray with silver will bring out the beauty and elegance of both colors. With the appropriate choice of furniture and accent pieces, you can readily design the contemporary, master bedroom of your dreams.


Barn Doors Aren't Just for Entryways

Barn Doors Aren't Just for Entryways

If you enjoy the look of barn doors, you can now get this design feature in areas of your home other than your entryways. Whether your décor is rustic or modern or something in between, barn doors are a distinctive look that can upgrade the appearance of any room.
Entertainment Unit - Having barn doors on an entertainment unit is a fabulous way to hide your television when it's not in use. With shelves on either side of the barn doors, the doors can slide open in front of the shelving to expose your television. When you close the doors, your screen will become hidden, and the décor pieces on your shelves will remain exposed, creating a sophisticated look that everyone will love.
Large Bookcase - Barn doors incorporated into a bookcase is another beautiful look. Whether the barn door is designed only on the bottom or spanning the entire length of one side, such a feature will make your room look as if you have a custom piece of furniture in it. You can hide paperwork, video games, electronics, or other items behind the barn door and merely slide it open to get what you want, and then cover it back up when you're through.
Bathroom Vanity Cabinet - For a unique look in your bathroom, try a vanity cabinet with a sliding barn door in the front. Behind the door, you can store extra toilet paper or cleaning items. On the open side, you can keep towels or decorator items that will remain visible and add to the beauty of your bath. Choose traditional black hardware or match the hardware finish to your faucet for a coordinated look.
Kitchen Island - Instead of a standard island, opt for one with a unique design. Barn doors incorporated into the cabinetry of your kitchen island will add a trendy look to any kitchen. You can have open shelving on both sides or just in the middle if you need additional hidden space. Choose white cabinetry with brushed nickel hardware for a contemporary look or a natural-toned matte finish with black hardware for a rustic look. For traditional décor, select a medium gloss in dark wood for a stylish appearance.
Barn door designs are finding their way into all sorts of home décor items nowadays. This look has become a favorite with homeowners and will instantly give your interior a chic appearance that you'll enjoy for years to come.