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After December 1, 2015


If your home was completed after December 1, 2015, Bonded Builders Warranty Group will service your warranty Claim: To submit a warranty request to BBWG, go to and click on the Homeowners dropdown box.  Next, click on File a Claim/Warranty Request, fill out the Request Form and click Submit. If you have provided BBWG with your email address, an acknowledgement of your request will be sent to that address.  Once your request has been reviewed, the appropriate subcontractor will be notified and directed to contact you in order to schedule an appointment to address your warranted items. To assist your understanding of valid warranty items, please refer to the Performance Standard section of the BBWG warranty document and/or the NAHB Residential Construction Performance Guidelines Consumer Reference book provided to you at closing.


Prior to December 1, 2015