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Hot 2019 Trends in Kitchen Design and Décor


Hot 2019 Trends in Kitchen Design and Décor


If a kitchen remodeling is well underway for you in 2019, then you might want to get viable ideas flowing by considering these trends in residential kitchen design and décor. Most of them do not really break the bank and may fit easily into your lifestyle.

Pendant Lighting

Suspended from a high-ceilinged kitchen area and over the countertop island, pendant lights lend a touch of luxury, especially to an open-layout kitchen. Both functional and decorative, pendant-style light fixtures can range from strikingly sculptural sockets to minimalist bare bulbs.

Color Palettes that Juxtapose Warmth with Cold

Think of the warm sheen of bronze or copper fixtures foregrounded by Arctic blue-gray slate tiles. Yellow foisted against industrial concrete also makes for an interesting finish, if you are thinking of repainting your kitchen soon. The latest trend in kitchen color schemes plays on the electrifying dynamics between warm and cool shades.


An all-black look is making a strong comeback in 2019. And yes, traditional white is losing its luster among would-be kitchen renovators. From cabinetry to appliances, dramatic black--and its corresponding ease of maintenance as the shade perfectly conceals potential stains--is high on the list of hot kitchen design trends for 2019.

Hidden Work Areas

Another design and décor trend that's sure to take off in 2019 is a kitchen that does not look like a kitchen and one that blends seamlessly with the home's living areas. This means creatively hiding the clutter and the grind. The pantry of kitchen staples is sequestered from sight by cabinet doors. Hood ranges are artfully hidden. Doors sporting folding fluted glass or attractive screens are used to section off the cooking area, larder, and so on.

Single-Block Stone Sink

If you have been mulling over finally replacing your dented stainless steel sink, a strong trend for kitchen sinks in 2019 is a cool nod to the Italian countryside. Consider looking at sinks that are cut and smoothened from a gorgeous solid block of stone. Over time, your stone sink is sure to age beautifully. A single-block stone sink is best paired with vintage-looking fixtures and faucets.

The above design trends may work perfectly for you and your lifestyle. Best of luck with your planned kitchen renovation!