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We offer free consultation, evaluation and preliminary design services. We will help you make the most informed homebuying decision possible by providing the following:

Home Site Consultation

Home Site Consultation   (1 of 8)


  • If you have a home site, or you are considering a purchase of a home site, we will visit the site and evaluate it
  • We will take the time to walk the home site and discuss facing, trees and topography and home fit
  • If you do not have a home site we will be happy to introduce you to one of our developer affiliates that will be able to help you select one
  • Because we have an in house Real Estate Brokerage we are able to access hundreds of home sites through the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)


Preliminary Floor Plan Design/Cost Estimate

Preliminary Floor Plan Design/Cost Estimate   (2 of 8)


  • We will develop a plan that suits your needs, whether it be a custom design or one that comes from the many plans we offer
  • We will stake out the home on your lot so you can see its placement
  • Once the preliminary plan is complete we will review it along with the details of the finish out that you require and arrive at an estimate price
  • Because of the detail we offer during this period, you will be able to make a well-informed decision at this time
  • If we have met all of your needs, this is when we ask for approval to go to final plans


Decorator Selections

Decorator Selections   (3 of 8)


  • We will introduce you to our Interior Decorator once your preliminary pricing is complete and you have approved the “go ahead” to final plans
  • Our Decorator will work directly with you, helping you select the special appointments for your home
  • We will stake out the home on your lot so you can see its placement
  • At Casadomaine Custom Homes, we do not start your home with Allowances
  • All of your selections are made before we start building your home
  • This allows for a more efficient build process, fewer mistakes, better pricing and a more enjoyable experience for our homeowners


Final Plan/Construction Agreement

Final Plans   (4 of 8)


  • Once final plans are complete, we combine the Plans, Decorator Select, and detailed Specifications to complete our construction package
  • We will review the entire package with you making sure that all of your expectation for detail and finish have been met
  • We will discuss the final price of your home
  • If all expectations have been met then we will sign the Construction Agreement and begin the necessary preparations for building
  • These preparations include forwarding the package to your lender and acquiring all needed permits, utilities and ACC approvals



Inspections   (5 of 8)


We have very strict inspection policies. All foundations are inspected by an engineer. All of our Septic System are designed by an engineer and inspected. In addition to our own job oversight, we also hire an independent ‘third-party’ inspector to inspect the Foundation, Framing, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and Final Inspection of your home. This is a unique approach and rare in the industry. We continue the above practices even if the home is not being built in a city municipality where it is common to have city inspections. This approach puts the most ‘eyes on’ your home during construction to ensure the best quality home possible.


Stage Meetings

Stage Meetings   (6 of 8)


Although we will meet many times over the next few months of construction, we have 6 important Stage Meetings that are never overlooked.

Stage 1: Lot Clear We will review the location of the home and identify any trees that are to remain. We will introduce you to our Construction Manager. The Construction Manager is in charge of the day-to-day construction or your home and will be your direct contact throughout the construction period.

Stage 2: Foundation Pre-Pour We will review the foundation before pour. We will identify the locations of any floor plugs along with the finish of patios and porches. Our engineer and inspector will inspect foundation.

Stage 3: Cabinets, Frame and Mechanicals Once the home is completely framed and the HAVC, Plumbing and Electrical rough-ins have been started, we will walk the entire home with you. We will also walk the home with you and our custom cabinetmaker to review the cabinet package and make any necessary adjustments. We will review any special wiring at this time. All Interiors will be ordered (Flooring, Lighting, Plumbing, Hardware, Counters).

Stage 4: Tile We will walk the home and review all tile locations. Especially Tub/Shower Surrounds to identify decorative tile locations and finish.

Stage 5: Trim We will walk the home to review closets and trim. At Casadomaine Custom Homes we allow our owners the opportunity to customize the design or their closets with our trim carpenter (AT NO EXTRA COST).

Stage 6: Pre-Occupancy Walk The home is complete and has been cleaned. This is a home orientation meeting as well as the opportunity for our owners to make a list of any adjustments that they may require before move-in.



Closing/Move-in   (7 of 8)


  • Schedule closing with your Lender and the Title Company
  • Complete the Pre-Occupancy Walk List
  • You will receive a closing binder with emergency numbers, keys, Garage Remotes, community contact information, and the Warranty Procedures



Warranty   (8 of 8)


  • Everything after closing is considered to be in the Warranty Period
  • We have made it convenient to submit a warranty claim through our website
  • The Warranty is a 1-2-10 year warranty



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